Playground Mommies and Daddies

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Things do not always go according to our dream.

Back when I was pregnant, I dreamed of the day when I would take my little girl to the playground. She would play with the other children while I would become fast friends with the other moms bonding over parenthood responsibilities.

Ha! Yeah, Right!

Fellow moms rarely glace up from their phones to watch their children at play, let alone have an in person conversation.

Half the time, I’m even given the side eye. Like I don’t notice the unusual twist of your neck or your eyeballs bugging out at the side of your eyes trying to get a good look at me.

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Now…dads on the other hand seem to like conversation and bonding over parenting. As a generalization, they seem to enjoy watching their kids at play rather than looking at their phone.

Don’t get me wrong, I have an addition to my phone as well, but I’m too darn afraid my two year old will take off running in the opposite direction to take a second to look down at my phone longer than it takes me to attempt to capture a picture of her running away from me.

Amalie on the Farm

I’ve had great conversations and commiserations with the dads up until the moment the moms show up. Then all gets quiet and it’s back to getting the side eye.

Ladies! We should be bonding, not judging!

Then it hit me!


Let’s get something else straight, I’m an older mom and in no way am I hitting on your husband who is likely ten years younger than me.

Since I’m the more mature person here, I will rise above this and take this as a compliment as sashay my way home reminding myself that being almost 40 never looked so good.

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