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Queen of Chaos – Steps to Cleaning with a Toddler

Tips to have your toddler "help" around the house... #toddler #housekeeping #terribletwos
The Queen of Chaos?
Amalie helping
Amalie Helping with the Dishes
That is exactly how I have felt during the first two years of my child’s life.
No matter how I try to stay on top of the stacks of dishes, mountains of laundry, and scattered toys, it never seems like there is enough time or enough of me to go around.
Remember…single mommy here doing it on my own.
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My two-year old loves to play a very special game.
This special fun game involves following mommy around and taking every toy back out to play with once mommy puts it away. This game is even more fun when mommy loads the dishwasher because there are so many utensils and plates to take out to place on the floor in front of the dishwasher.
The entire time this game goes on, mommy is dreaming about nap time while realizing she may get further by not doing any cleaning at all.
Up to this point I would start loading the dishwasher until my little human would find me so she could start unloading just as fast as I was loading.
At which time I would switch to folding laundry and shoving it in her dresser drawer as fast as possible while slamming the drawers shut before I could be discovered.
Once, discovered in her room, I would race to sweep the kitchen floor before she would discover the pile of debris to stomp in and to spread back around.
How is it possible to be so tired without accomplishing anything?
Then it hit me!
I need to try to make this fun while tackling only one thing at a time.

Talk to any parent and they will tell you how smart their child is, right?
So these smart children can learn to help out as soon as they turn two, correct?

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Ideal Ideas for Toddler Helpers:

1) First Sing a Song, any Song while Working.
You have no idea how many thousand times I’ve sang Twinkle Little Star as I seem to always have this one in head.

Sing Alongs

2) Trash Time
My toddler loves to put things in the trash, therefor; I worked on teaching her the difference between trash and recycles.
She now happily puts trash in the trash can and recycles in the box as I hand stuff to her.
3) Sweeping
I sweep the floor while she holds the dustpan waiting to help scoop up the debris for the trash.
4) Straightening her Shoes
She’s not quite ready to fold clothes, but loves to line up her shoes together.
5) Soapy Water
With so many chores that she is not ready to help with, I fill the kitchen sink with soapy water. This keeps her entertained much longer than typical two-year old’s activities AND allows me to work on the rest of the cleaning.
6) Keep a Chart of Chores
This will give your little one an additional visual learning tool. Check off a project and show her how many tasks are left.

Task Chart

7) Have fun

Remember to have fun even when doing chores! Teach your little ones to have fun in a world of ciaos.

This is a win win with both of us, mommy and toddler, being happy and feeling accomplished.

It doesn’t hurt that I give her a couple coins to put in her piggy bank for helping out.
Now to think of the next chore for my little one to tackle…

We would love to hear in the comments how your little one helps out with chores and housekeeping!

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