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Helichrysum Essential Oil: Anti-Aging – Naturally

By now, you have all heard of the benefits of using essential oils in your everyday lives.

Yes, essential oils are becoming mainstream.


Let’s talk about helichrysum – the real anti-aging flower i.e. essential oil.  Before becoming an amazing essential oil, helichrysum starts out as a yellow flower and is a member of the daisy/sunflower family.

Once processed into an essential oil, helichrysum is best known to prevent signs of aging, improve complexion, and lighten those pesky dark spots that begin to appear as we age.

Helichrysum has become so popular that to look on many traditional beauty products labels, you will now see this listed as an ingredient.

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Organic Tampons

Below are just a few of the benefits from this one essential oil:

 1. Provides anti-inflammatory help

 2. Promotes healing

 3. Reduces the appearance of scars and wrinkles

 4. Detoxifies the skin

 5. Improves skin circulation and elasticity

 6. Reduces skin damage

 7. Antiseptic

 8. Useful for delicate skin

I know, I know, these fabulous benefits make you want to dive into a tub of this amazing oil BUT:

*I recommend always diluting your essential oils with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil especially until you discover how your skin will react to each essential oil.  Also, I never recommend ingesting essentials oils without consulting a doctor or holistic professional first.

Once you determine that you have no allergies to helichrysum, begin adding to your skincare routine. Many people add a couple of drops to their everyday moisturizer or lotion.

This is one of my favorite and easy to mix DIY moisturizing oil combinations.  Perfect for after shaving, before bed, or just because.

Helichrysum moisturizer

My Favorite ingrediants when creating my DIY moisturizing oil:

Aromatherapy and Scent you will find that helichrysum has a citrus / orange scent.

Surrounding yourself with citrus scent has been found to aid in helping with mild depression.

Helichrysum also supports us while we work through difficult emotions, traumas, and issues deep within our subconscious, this is otherwise known as Shadow Work. This can lead to a feeling of inner calm and peace.

So you see!

Helichrysum is one of the most versitile and healing essential oils that you will find.

This powerhouse is a ‘must have” in any essential oil toolkit.

What is your favorite essential oil for rejuvenation? Tell us in the comments!


Helichrysum Essential Oil

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