September 2018 Goddess Provisions Unboxing

One of the most exciting days of every month is when I receive my Goddess Provisions subscription box!

That day is here for September!

Click here to order your box!

***Affiliate links are used: If you purchase through my links, I will receive a small commission! I only ever recommend products / services that I LOVE and USE myself. The support of you purchasing through my link allows me to continue to pursue my writing dreams! So I thank you for all of your support!!!Cleansing your home and space by burning herbs, aka smudging, is becoming much more popular.

Wow! These Animal Allies Oracle Cards! Oracle cards are one of my favorite divination tool. This is a Win!

Llewellyn’s Little Books of Spirit Animals comes next. I already know how amazing this book is as I already have it. So, this copy will be gifted in the near future in my Facebook online community, Spirit of the Soul Community.


Sacred Elephant Pure Luxury Incense follows scented with Myrrh. Burns nicely with a pleasant scent.


You will generally receive an essential oil blend in Goddess Provision boxes. This month is Rootfoot Bear. This has a pleasant aroma with vetiver, pine, sandalwood, in jojoba carrier oil.


Also included is a nice stamped piece of palo santo for smudging your space.


Always included is a tumble or small gemstone crystal. This month is Peacock Ore for dreaming and ancient wisdom.


Finally, you will get a cute little buffalo sticker. These are perfect to adorn your cell phone cases with.


I’m going to say this is my favorite Goddess Provisions box so for. For only $33 a month, this was a great deal!

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