Woman’s Battle Cry – Find YOUR Power

Ladies, this one is for you.

Now, I love men. They are cute and cuddly at times.  They put their macho face on to kill bugs, lift heavy things, and attempt to fix things around the home. They are amazing business people and generally keep their emotions out of the office. And when you catch them at a good time, they are great conversationalists.


I absolutely love women. They are great friends and shoulders to cry on. As leaders, they exude confidence and embody the expectations that I have of myself. They wine and dine and are included in the still male dominated business world.

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The business world is still run by the boys club. A few more women leaders are included in this boys club, and we see that the results are the mostly the same.

The unfairness of it all! Right?

The boys club will often include the men in the office even those at lower levels in the organization. What about the women who would benefit from that mentoring time?

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We will find that the boys club likes to take long lunches without inviting the office women along. They sit behind closed doors in hours long meetings.

I’m not completely sure the boys club even realizes the exclusion.

And sometimes that exclusion makes a woman feel wee big. As in, minuscule, not worth their time, beneath them… you get my point, right?

I’ve been feeling this exclusion lately which obviously puts a lot of stress on this boss girl.

I needed to regain my confidence! I needed to find my power! I needed to own it! And I needed to do this now!

So, what did I do?

I pulled myself out of the funk and got to work on myself.

Stop being lazy! Re-imagine and reinvent the real you!

Bring it on!

But first bring on the heals!

First off.

I made some time for a few good meditation sessions.  Nothing like clearing out the old cobwebs.

I now see this has to be a priority for me. Even on those days when I feel like I have absolutely no time, no energy, no desire, I must make time even if it is only 10 minutes of closed eyes mindful breathing before I get out of my car to walk into work.

I love box breathing for anxiety. Breathe in to a count of four, hold your breath for four counts, release that breath for a count of four. Repeat!

Generally, I prefer guided meditations when I’m not using my breath work to meditate. You can find some amazing ones on YouTube.


I made an action plan.

What is an action plan, you ask? It is a plan of action to get off my bum and stop letting the boys club bring me down. Stop the laziness and boredom!

The action plan I came up with this time is very similar to a post breakup action plan. Put on the bright-colored clothes, wear the amazing new lipstick, and strap on the high heals.

Add a splash of color and you will turn heads! Nobody expects to see bright pink in the sea of navy blue and black suits.

Heals and bright colors may not be your thing BUT I know a woman who feels her confidence when she wears lacy underclothing in her service industry uniform.

Another woman, officer in the US Army, finds her power knowing she has bright red toenails while wearing her combat boots.

Remember when you look amazing, you feel amazing!

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We tend to forget this very important rule in our day-to-day work lives.


Once you get to know me, you will see how much I absolutely love wearing my gemstones every single day. So, I load up on my favorites before heading out for the day.

Citrine (learn more about citrine Here)and Garnet are my do not leave the house without crystals.

You will find me wearing these as bracelets, pendants, or rings. On the really tough days, I will grab a pocket stone as well. I hold the pocket stone in my hand, rub my thumb over the smooth surface, and remind myself to remain calm and collected. It doesn’t hurt that while holding this crystal, I can daydream that I toss that rock at certain people.

Find your signature gemstone and rock it, girl!

Citrine (Abundance and Prosperity), Amethyst (Balance and Calm), Carnelian(Creativity and Courage)… Yes!


If you need a little bit more of a boost, you MUST get this book! I recently finished this book and it got me pumped to do more and do better!

There are also some amazing Podcasts for when I don’t have the time to sit and read. Check out podcasts from Spiritual Boss Babe, The Business of Becoming, Resist Average Academy, and The C Method to get pumped.

PLUS you should definitely join my Facebook community. We will help you STAY pumped!


Strut your confident self back into that office, restaurant, department store, etc. Don’t worry, you will be noticed. That boys club with look out of the corner of their eyes at you while they are trying to figure out what has changed.

Nothing changed. I just reclaimed my confidence that I forgot I even had!

Yes, hear me roar!

Now ladies, this is not a blame game. This is me encouraging all of us to take back our sovereignty, power, and confidence to become the amazing women I know we can all be!

In my case, it took a little frustration in my office environment to light a fire under me to do the self-examination work in order to see the results.

Reclaim your power and confidence, get out there and be the BOSS GIRL we both know you are!

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