9 Crystals for Maximizing Your Creativity and Productivity

You sit down to write that blog post or business plan and you blank out with writer’s block… You get out the paint brushes and pause waiting for that missing inspiration…
We all need that little extra boost at times. It look me quite some time to be “sold” on crystals but once I started incorporating them into my life regularly, I EXPERIENCED the power crystals hold.

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I am now a believer and wish for EVERYONE to experience some gemstone magic.
Crystals have been called upon for centuries to help guide the user in decision-making and divination practices. In ancient times, using crystals was generally done in secret for fear of persecution by which ever religious organization in power at the time.
We use crystals for many purposes. For the purpose of this discussion, we focus on how specific gemstones help with creativity and the creating process. This may be creative endeavors such as drawing or writing. This may also be creating a business or a lovely home.
I love to wear my gemstones as bracelets or pendants, but you will also find numerous lovely pieces sitting on my desk.
Most of my learning has come through reading books and blogs, personal use of crystals, and my classes taught by my mentor the Sage Goddess, Athena Perrakis. You can find out more about her classes here.
These are my “go to” crystals when I’m creating something new in my life whether it be this blog or when drawing a masterpiece with my daughter.
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1) Citrine

Citrine is the number one must have master stone of joy, wealth, prosperity, and abundance.
I do not leave the house without at least one piece of citrine on as I believe this crystal inspires me that much.
Golden in color, citrine activates imagination, clarity, and motivation. Citrine also strengthens sensitive people to express themselves.
We all need this gemstone in our lives! Citrine helps with mental block!
Sage Goddess Citrine

2) Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite jasper helps to ground the user while helping to tap into their personal power.
With its beautiful earthy colors of browns, reds and oranges, Mookaite jasper’s grounding energy guides the user towards their intended destination.
This crystal helps to overcome procrastination. It also keeps you focused on your current project while quieting distracting thoughts.
Sage Goddess Jasper

3) Carnelian

Carnelian has been known throughout the ages to increase confidence and boost the power of true expression.
In the middle ages, Carnelian crystals were called upon for its healing properties to help ease tension and stress. This crystal leads us to make the right decisions in our lives and in questions of love and relationships.
With its browns and orange / red color, this is a perfect stone to compliment other stones in your collection whether you like to wear your crystals or surround yourself in their beauty.
Sage Goddess Carnelian

4) Garnet

Garnet helps to ground the user and connects them to the present moment. With all the demands and ciaos of life, Garnet, not only helps with grounding but with energy blockages within your body.
The most renown garnet, is deep red in color although can also be found as green, yellow, orange, brown, gray, black, or purple. Garnet leads the user to achieve greater willpower and self-confidence.
In Chinese medicine, the garnet gemstone supports the flow of energy or Chi in the body. With open energy flow, negative emotions fail to manifest in the physical body as stiff muscles, headaches, and other ailments.
Sage Goddess Garnet

5) Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye removes self-doubt while keeping your goal in prospective. This crystal also balances toxic emotions and keeps focus on the user’s highest good.
Generally, golden brown in color usually resembling a cat’s eye, this gemstone leads the user to economic clarification. The user may spend less money or earn more. Tiger’s eye strengthens the willpower to NOT overspend when tempted as reflection on necessity is enhanced.
When used in meditation, tiger eye harmonizes our body with our emotional needs.
Sage Goddess Tiger's Eye

6) Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate promotes feelings of calm. Place this crystal under your pillow for protection from nightmares and sleep disorders.
Carry blue lace agate with you when giving a speech or presentation as it takes away stage fright while helping to better organize thoughts. The speaker will present clearly and understandably.
Light blue with white striations, blue lace agate reinforces the wearers self-confidence and pushes away melancholy.
Sage Goddess Blue Lace Agate

7) Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamond, found near Herkimer County, New York, USA, works well with other gemstones by magnifying the energy and properties of gemstones places near it. Place this next to other crystals while working with them.
It is very important to remember that Herkimer diamonds are not real diamonds; they are clear quartz crystals. They are called diamonds because of the clarity and formations similar to genuine diamonds.
This is a very popular crystal for amplifying spiritual energy, in healings, when used in meditations, and in dreams and vision work.
Sage Goddess Gemstone

8) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli, with its deep celestial blue color and flecks of gold, has been a symbol of royalty, honor, gods, power, spirit, and vision for millennia.
This is a great gemstone for activating higher learning and knowledge, enhances holder intellectual capability. Lapis lazuli also drives the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding and is great for memory recall.
Even in ancient times, this was I highly sought after tone. King Tutankhamen’s golden sarcophagus is inlaid with lapis lazuli crystals. It is also believed that Cleopatra created her signature blue eye shadow from ground lapis lazuli.
Sage Goddess Lapis Gem

9) Banded Print Jasper

You must have banded print jasper in your arsenal as well. This is the stone of determination, creative vision, and drive. Printed jasper also helps with balance, focus, and will power.
Perfect for keeping on hand when starting a new business. Long term use brings grief, fears, and hopes to the surface. Examine this and then move forward in your process.
Jasper Hearts
Run to add these to your collection especially if you are starting a new project!
Reminder: If you are just starting out on your gemstone crystal journey, please be sure you are using a reputable seller. Unfortunately, many new sellers have hit the marketplace with very little knowledge of what they are selling.

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