Lessons From My First Month of Blogging

Over the past couple of months, I’ve learned many reasons people have started blogging. Many people started in hopes of making money, others because they wanted a platform in which to write and create, and others use it as a teaching platform.

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For me, this was a natural progression in touching more lives. November 2017, I started my Facebook page and Facebook group with the hope of sharing daily inspirations while supporting and inspiring others however needed. I also love doing oracle card and rune readings, so my Facebook group gave me a platform for doing all of this.

I struggled for only a month before launching this blog, www.spiritofthesoul.net, on WordPress. I had thought about going the free route with Blogger but decided against it. I really didn’t want to have to figure out a new blogging platform should this endeavor take off and become profitable.

Ok…that may be a dream BUT a little dreaming never hurt anyone.

What I learned about myself my first month of blogging:

Patience. When I want something, I want it now, similar to most people’s mentality these days.

I dreamed of putting my blog out there with hundreds of people rushing to read it. As in, if you build it, they will come. NOPE.

Deep Breaths….

Dedication. When you go in, go all in. To me this means that I do not give up even when I’m exhausted and feeling defeated. Believe in yourself and give this blogging a little time. A couple of months is just not enough time to even get started.

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Set Goals. How many blog posts do you want to publish per week? What social media platform will you focus on? Don’t forget about the graphics and pictures needed!

Get a pretty planner to schedule your time. Do a little journaling in an inspiring journal to help narrow your focus and help you understand what direction you want to go with this blog at this time.

A Favorite of mine – With Journaling Prompts
Love this for Journaling AND Planning

Show up. This is essentially my part-time job, therefore; I need to show up even when I’m not feeling up to it. Not only in creating content, but in monitoring my Facebook groups, Instagram, Pinterest, and all other social media. Login, be present while responding, and posting.

Work. I have a full-time career and am a full-time single mommy, so this was supposed to be something fun on the side. I AM having fun but I am also putting in a TON of work networking with other bloggers, reading up on does and don’ts, joining Facebook blogging groups and clicking and clicking and clicking…..and actually writing the content.

Yes, the is a JOB.

Time. I have put in a ridiculously huge amount of time this month on something that was supposed to be part-time fun. Again, I am still having fun, but anyone looking to start a blog needs to be warned about the time commitment.

This is not a lazy person’s way to get rich quick. 

Plan Ahead. Do not expect to write a good blog post the same day you want to release it. Yes, it is possible, but why put that stress on yourself? In fact, if you are having a creative day, write ahead. You can always revise and be prepared for those times in which you are super stressed or unprepared.

Ask Questions of Others. I love to think I am super woman and can do everything myself. This is not true about anything computer related or technical. I did tons of research and asks many more questions and can proudly say I am somewhat proficient with WordPress now. Somewhat proficient being the key words.

Pay Attention. When I am clicking on all those blog websites while networking and meeting in Facebook groups, I took the opportunity to see how others are set up.

I took note of good fonts and the OMG Do Not Ever Use These Fonts.

I looked at user-friendly formatting and those layouts in which I had to click and click and click and still not find what I was looking for.

My website now implements what I believe to be the best practices and hopefully most easy on the eyes. Of course, this is still a work in process so tweaks will be made going forward.

Do Not Judge Yourself Harshly. As anyone knows, once you start researching anything on the internet, that is what pops up in Pinterest, in Instagram, on Google, in Facebook, and anywhere else you can think of.  I took that opportunity read many accounts from many different bloggers.

When bloggers talk about all the money and followers that they had in the first six months, my mouth dropped open in awe. As human nature, at first I got jealous then I read deeper.

Those huge following were generally someone’s third or fourth BLOG so OF COURSE they already have a larger following and are members of tons of affiliate programs in which they are pros at placing in their posts.

Self Hugs. I must constantly remind myself that I’m doing great for a very beginner who is only doing this part-time. I do NOT need to feel bad for not pinning 50 posts a day on Pinterest, posting multiple times a day on Instagram or Facebook, Tweeting my every move, or even doing YouTube videos or Facebook lives on everything I do.

Remember to save some time for self care. How about a nice bubble bath, pedicure, manicure, face mask, or anything that relaxes you.

Now for the numbers!

In just 30 days of blogging on www.spiritofthesoul.net:

  • Blog views = 2,010
  • Blog Subscribers = 60
  • Facebook Group Follower Growth = 298
  • Instagram Follower Growth = 202
  • Pinterest Follower Growth = 224
  • Twitter Follower Growth = 169
  • Google + Follower Growth = 21
  • YouTube Subscribers = 17
  • Money Made = $0.34 (Google Adsense)

This is not too bad for a newbie part-time blogger who is still working out the kinks.

My Advice

To anyone looking to start a blog, do your research first on blogging platform. Figure out your initial goals and find what works best for you. Do not get discouraged unless you truly thought this would be a get rich quick idea.

Schedule your time. Write down ideas. Everything will flow from there. Read some great books for inspiration.

Most Surprising

From all the blogger group networking, I’ve found some blogs that I genuinely enjoy reading and following. Getting a blog off the ground isn’t ALL work. I get some reading enjoyment out of it, as well.

Don’t Forget!

Hopefully, you start blogging because you enjoy it rather than think it will be just another job with easy income.

When feeling overwhelmed, remember to do some simple mediation or mindfully focused breathing. And if you are like me, don’t forget your creativity crystals. You’ve got this!

Whew! I sure could use a coffee now.

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***The life, learning, and longings of a bored accountant.*** Welcome to my website! I have been a business management accountant in the entertainment industry for many years. During my spare time, I continue my learning of spiritual and metaphysical interests such as crystals, gemstones, and spirituality. Just a couple of years ago, I decided to become a single mommy by choice. Now I write about balancing everything while sharing my life lessons, teachings, and all of my longings. Enjoy my blog, my beautiful friends!


  • Phil Cobb

    I could identify with your post. I’m in the same general newbie spot for blogging. Been through the mill in just going through all the gyrations in getting it set up, but once the technicalities are under control, it’s a lot more fun!

    • Kristina @ Spirit of the Soul

      I have found the website “stuff” to be the most difficult but necessary part. The rest has been pretty fun so far.

  • Sinnamon Sevening

    I think you’re doing a fabulous job! Your plate is full…..full of love, admiration, and respect from all of us! It’s not something a lot of us could do.Keep up the great work you inspire us all!

  • Deserted_Queen

    I can relate. I have been blogging for 4 years. On 18th november it shall mark it’s 5th year. From my personal experience I will suggest two things.
    1: protect your blog from getting hacked because mine had been. This is my 2nd blog.

    2: Take a proper back up because sometimes data gets lost.

    • Kristina @ Spirit of the Soul

      I have heard this from a couple of bloggers. It is scary and sad that people need to harm others in that fashion.

  • Ménesa Campbell

    This is such an inspirational post. Blogging is a real beast, especially in the early stages. Thankfully, you’ve proven success is possible.

    • Kristina @ Spirit of the Soul

      Blogging is certainly not for many because of all work involved. Hopefully, greater success is to come!

  • Kasey Ma

    Yes the beginning is definitely a challenge, you’re doing amazing though! Good luck on your journey!

    Kasey Ma

  • melinda

    You’re so right, blogging takes time and dedication! It’s HARD if you want to do it right! But it looks like you’re on the right track to me so far 🙂

  • Garf

    I have been blogging for more than 10 years and went through a lot. Yes, I was too hard on myself I think and frustrated too. Blogging is not as easy as it sounds. I takes a lot of hard word and dedication.

    • Kristina @ Spirit of the Soul

      Wow! 10 years! I’m hopeful and excited to see where I’ll be in 10 years with this journey.

  • brandyyates

    I ran across this right on time. I was starting to feel discouraged and you just gave me that extra push!

    • Kristina @ Spirit of the Soul

      Thank you! I’m always looking for motivation, it seems as it is so easy to become discouraged.

  • Aiai Damigo

    I agree with you. I been blogging for years now but its still so hard lol. I need more dedication into this blogging thing. sometimes i need to published something but im too lazy to make an article!

  • Kate

    I, too, have learned patience and dedication! And you’re totally right, I knew that writing the content would be lots of work but I had no clue that marketing and networking would be so time-consuming! Those are great numbers for one month. I don’t think I’ve had that many website visitors total and I started my blog back in March! By the way, I love your niche; it’s definitely unique.

  • liveloveandadventure

    Thanks for sharing this, I have needed some inspiration. I started blogging in May with the goal of hopefully making some money and so far it’s been slow I am planning and focused, just waiting for the day it kicks in!

    • Kristina @ Spirit of the Soul

      Thank you for sharing. There are many days I’m looking for inspiration as well. Good luck on your blogging journey!

  • Mane

    I really love your blog post and what you have mentioned above are the exactly the same experience of mine. I started my blog last September 2017 and it’s not easy. Patience. Patience.Patience. Keep it up! You deserve a pat on the back 🙂

  • simplydivinethoughts

    You have made amazing progress for this to your first month blogging! Networking does sometimes take a lot of time energy but the pay off is oh so worth it! Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more amazing content!
    Much Love!

  • Pooja Kumari

    You have done great job in your first month. So, definitely your hard work paid off. I agree blogging is all about planning and researching with patience (that you need in tons). It’s a great motivational post reminding all of us again,not to give up soon.

  • melissa

    This is very good information! I have found that just writing what I love has been the most important thing for me. Also, research is very important. I think as long as you are writing what you enjoy, your readers will know it and will enjoy it too.

    • Kristina @ Spirit of the Soul

      Yes! I love writing so much! So far, I’m enjoying the process of creating and getting it out there.

  • Jesusa Gilliam

    Great info, blogging should be fun and enjoyable. I agree with you, it can be overwhelming at times especially when you have little ones.

  • Fatima D Torres

    Planning ahead is always a good idea. I like that you’ve included asking questions. When I was starting out, I refused to ask and would research things. It took me a little longer to get to this point than most, but it was worth the journey.

    • Kristina @ Spirit of the Soul

      It is very easy to think we can just do it all on our own, but asking questions makes it all little easier.

  • l dove

    I think starting out as a new blogger is a huge learning curve. I’ve been doing it for 3 years now, and as my full time job for 2, and it has taken a LOT of hard work!

    • Kristina @ Spirit of the Soul

      I am so happy to hear that someone has been able to make blogging a full time job. That gives me much hope!

    • Kristina @ Spirit of the Soul

      Thanks. I will try to not overthink everything. It’s a struggle when you want everything to be right and quick.

  • Esther

    I can definitely relate to you. I am in my initial stages of blogging and all i can say it is fun but also a lot of work. A lot of research, a lot of try and error and a lot of patience. Some give up but it is worth the hassle. Yes it is touch to get the number but i choose not to give up. Thank you for sharing this

    • Kristina @ Spirit of the Soul

      I enjoy hearing from others who are on the newbie blogging journey. Choosing to not give up is key.

  • Michele Dennis

    Boy did I relate to this…lol! However, my Blog is my full-time job which also includes a YouTube channel. I’m in my 2nd year and still trying to establish a “rhythm” if you will between content creation, marketing and networking. I love what I do! But it is a lot of work!!

    • Kristina @ Spirit of the Soul

      I get extra excited when I hear stories of those who can make this a full time job! Thank you!

  • Victoria

    These are some great lessons. I remember my first month of blogging in 2012. There was so much I learned and mistakes I’ve made. Enjoy your blogging journey!

  • Nina

    Planning ahead works a lot for me. It is stressful to try posting on the same day you wrote something so a little planning works perfect for me to achieve better results.

    • Kristina @ Spirit of the Soul

      Planning also seems to help keep the stress down since this is something I choose to do around my full time job and parenthood.

  • yorkshiremumof4

    This is great, I started blogging in August as well so I am coming up to 2 months. I also work and have kids and have enjoyed creating content. I love just writing, networking and being creative. I also agree though it is a proper job and very hard work.

  • blissfulmomboss

    I can definitely relate because I’m also a beginner blogger again. I say again because everytime I start a blog and see no results, I stop. But, this time around is different for me. I know what I have to do to get the results I want and I more focused. It’s still a learning process but I’m seeing my hard work pay off slowly. Great post!

  • Ingrid

    Blogging really takes dedication an planning. It cannot be haphazardly done or we will fall behind in our in our commitments. I t really calls for tremendous planning

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