Mindfulness Mom Self-Care Challenge

Wow, oh wow!

As a busy business management tax accountant, I just finished filing all of my 400+ clients’ extended returns.

Luckily, I came out of my 17th complete tax season relatively unscathed. My home is a mess, laundry is piled everywhere, dishwasher is overflowing, but I am still standing!

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Yes, many of these tax returns were filed at the April 15 deadline and throughout the year.

BUT…there are TONS of procrastinators out there…You know who you are…

Now that the returns are filed and before I start the next tax cycle, I will take the time to clean my home, play with my two-year old, and rejuvenate myself through mindfulness and self-care.

My Mindfulness Self-Care Challenge

I call this my mindfulness self-care challenge as it can be “challenging” to take time for myself. After an extremely busy time, we all must MAKE the time to care for ourselves mentally and physically.

Phase 1 – Physical Self-Care

After my toddler goes to bed, I will soak in a relaxing warm bath lavishly scented with calming and soothing lavender and energizing and revitalizing wild orange essential oils.

I sink down into the warm water with my favorite sheet mask on my face, a glass of wine next to me, and my kindle in hand. Hello sexy vampires…I am so addicted to the Argeneau’s by Lynsay Sands.

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Later in the week, I will schedule a professional massage to loosen these poor muscles tight from sitting long hours at my desk. Even though I have a stand up desk, hours of hunching over a computer takes its toll on the body.

With the cooler fall weather, my toes are stuck in shoes quite often, yet I still love beautiful and pedicured toes. That foot massage that goes along with a pedicure is worth the trip to the spa.

Phase 2 – Cleanse the Fast Food Away

It happens…

We get swamped with work and life, so the dreaded fast food and snacks make their appearance.


My cleanse is simple.

  • Replace the soda, sugar, excess coffee, processed food, and red meat with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Increase the amount of water I drink per day – I aim for the recommended 8 glasses a day
  • Exercise – For me this includes yoga and taking my two-year old for walks
  • Drink green smoothies to support this detox

Phase 3 – Release the Mental Clutter

Meditation clears the mind.

Of course, meditating sounds much easier that it is in practice which is why I generally prefer guided meditations. The instrumental music and soothing voice guides me in mental clearing and focus.

Use yoga to clear the mind. Not only is yoga amazing for your body but the mental focus required during the practice sends all thoughts from the mind

In my case, I’m so focused on not toppling over that I have no time to think about anything else!

Then REST.

Aim for eight or more hours of sleep a night.

Human nature and society’s expectations of us, have us running a “million miles a minute”.
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Savor that first sip of coffee in the morning. Taste the vegetables rather than dowsing them with dressings or cheeses. Feel the hand as it tickles the toddler during tickle time. Listen to the joy in her voice when mommy plays with her. Enjoy the aroma of your freshly cooked meals.

Slow some parts of your day down. Listen to your senses. Do not take everything for granted. All that needs to be done will still be waiting for you tomorrow.

Comment below to share what you do for your mindful self-care.

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