Essential Oil Diffusers: Diffusing the Confusion

In the past couple of years, essential oils have gained in popularity.

I have been asked numerous times in recent months –

How do we “properly” diffuse our essential oils?

Sure, essential oils began to make their way into our beauty products, soaps, and any number of other consumer products in recent years, but there are other more pure ways to gain the essential oil benefits.

Those cute little bottles they come in make us want to buy them all up. Once we get the essential oils, what do we do with them?

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Personally, I apply and diffuse essential oils all types of ways.

Let’s take a look at each way to use our lovely healing scents…
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Diffusing Your Essential Oils

You will find in my office an electric essential oil diffuser. These come in many sizes and shapes. I prefer to use a space saving small diffuser that can be plugged into an outlet or use batteries. Many diffusers also have a USB attachment for your computer or phone.

This is possibly one of the simplest ways to diffuse your essential oils. Fill the reservoir with water before adding a drop or two of your favorite oils.

When using essential oils around others, less is better. Just because you may not feel that the scent is strong enough, be sure a coworker or friend will think the scent is way too much.

Most diffusers will automatically shut off when out of water, but you should double-check for this feature before purchasing.

My essential oils last an incredibly long time when using the electric water diffuser.

One last thing most users forget – clean the water diffuser once a month. This clears the oil build up helping the diffuser last longer.

To clean:

  • Fill the diffuser half full with water
  • Add about 12 drops of white vinegar
  • Let the diffuser run for about 5 to 7 minutes
  • Rinse and dry well before using again for essential oils

Oil Burner

While at home, I prefer to use a burner to diffuse my essential oils. Should you use this method of diffusing essential oils, be prepared burn though a ton of tea lights and your essential oils.

Scents tend to be much stronger when using this method. You may choose to add organic jojoba oil or organic coconut oil with your essential oils to tone down the scent.

At least once a month, you will wipe this down to remove excess oils.

Place the essential oil burner on a heat proof surface away from moving air or flammable objects including window coverings and out of reach of children as this gets extremely HOT.

Lava Rock Bracelets

I absolutely love lava rock bracelets and keep several on hand.

Simple to use – just saturate the beads with your favorite essential oils and wear. That’s it!

Lay the bracelet on a couple of paper towels. You can use a mini oil dropper, cotton balls, or your fingers to cover the lava rock beads in essential oils. Let sit until dry. Repeat as the scent fades – usually about  a week to 10 days after applying.

Essential Oil Diffuser Locket

Essential oil diffuser lockets come with felt pads. Add your essential oils to a pad before inserting into locket.

You may choose to wear the locket as jewelry or to hang the scented medallion in your car as an air freshener.

These come in different sizes, designs, and colors. Like lava beads, you will need to add more essential oils every when the scent runs out or about every 15-20 days.

Create Your Own Signature Perfume

Blending essential oils to personalize your perfume is divine. As my second favorite way of using essential oils, I have a ton of roller bottle with different blends around my home and office.

You will need some extra supplies for this.

Many essential oils can irritate sensitive skin, therefore; I don’t advise applying the essential oil directly to your skin without a carrier oil.

It is generally best to suspend your essential oils in a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil as these tend to have the longest shelf life.

You may choose to experiment with other carrier oils such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, and grape seed oil. These tend to have a shorter shelf life and an aroma that will change your ending blend scent.

Steps to Creating Your Own Perfume:

  • Blend 2-3 essential oils until you have a scent you like. Remember that some scents are much heavier than others so mix and let set to see how the end blend smells.
  • Add 6-8 drops of this blend to a roller ball bottle.
  • Fill the remaining portion of the roller ball bottle with your chosen carrier oil.
  • I add a chip stone – gemstone/crystals to add the metaphysical benefit associated with that gemstone. This crystal also aids in blending the different oils when shook as some oils tend to settle to the bottom of the bottle.
  • Test and Enjoy
  • Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight

Bath Salts

For a quick pick-me-up, enjoy a warm bath with essential oil scents bath salts.

Making your own bath salts:

  • Mix two pounds of Epsom salt with two pounds of Himalayan salt
  • Add 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oils
  • Shake well
  • Store in a sealed container
  • This should make enough scented salts for 3-4 baths

Add Essential Oils Directly to Bath Water

Only use this method with thoroughly skin tested essential oils.

I am not a fan of this method of using essential oils for two reason:

  1. Essential oils do not always blend well with water so will look like an oil spill on the bath surface
  2. The essential oils can coat the side of your bathtub requiring an immediate scrubbing down – who wants to get out of a relaxing bath just to see a icky mess that needs extra cleaning?

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Some of my favorite oils

Lavender – Relaxing (a great starter oil)

Peppermint – Rejuvenating (the cooling effect is great for muscles when massaged on the back or arms but I don’t recommend for your bath. Certain parts of your body may be too sensitive and you will end up in PAIN)

Eucalyptus – Clearing the airways from allergies or colds (pregnant and breast-feeding women should stay away from this essential oil)

Rosemary – mental stimulant (great for when focusing or creating)

Jasmine – eases depression, tension, and anxiety (smells amazing!)

Tea Tree – natural immune system booster (may irritate eyes, nose, and open cuts)

Ylang-Ylang – calming (overuse can lead to headaches)

Conclusion and Reminders

Essential oils are a great alternative to and supplement to medications. You can reap the benefits of scent PLUS you will smell great.

  • Before diffusing, please check with the people around you to see if they have any allergies.
  • If you have pets, please make sure the essential oils you are diffusing are pet friendly.
  • Not all essential oils should be used around animals, babies, or pregnant women.

Now – go enjoy your essential oils while experimenting to find your favorite way of diffusing them.

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