Ultimate Office Gift Exchange Guide 2018

That wonderful time of year is here once again. The holidays are fast approaching along with the holiday sales and holiday gifting.

Planning ahead when shopping can certainly reduce some of the seasonal stress, as well as help save money from spontaneous purchases.

I have a couple “secret buddies” to buy gifts for each year, therefore; I put together a list of amazing gifts I know they will love and use.

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1 ~ The Mug ~ The first mug below isn’t your run of the mill mug, this is Eco friendly, made from recycled plastic and comes with a bamboo lid. The second mug is biodegradable. How cool are these? This is at the top of my secret buddy list. I may even get one for myself.

2 ~ The Daily Page-A-Day Calendar ~ I have switched between You Are A Badass and Today is Going to Be a Great Day calendars on my desk and love the daily reminders that I am going to own the day. There are plenty of days during the year in which that little reminder made a huge difference in how I felt.

3 ~ Planners ~ I am a planner addict and I love those with reminders and affirmations right on the cover and journal prompts inside.

For those who like the colorful planners, I highly recommend these:

For those looking for something a little lower key yet still includes gratitude and mindfulness journal prompts, I love these!

4 ~ Fun Pens ~ I love fun pens! They make writing so much more exciting plus they are great conversation starters!

I love sharing my love of crystals in gift giving!

I’m also all about carrying around conversation starter pens. Who likes to go into a meeting with people just sitting around staring at each other waiting for the meeting to begin!?

5 ~ Plants ~ For those of us without a green thumb, these plants are perfect to add some color to our work space.

6 ~ Affirmation Plaques ~ I keep motivation and inspirational quotes  everywhere as reminders of goals and my ability to achieve them. These are awesome for everyone!

7 ~ Bath Products ~ These are my newest obsession! For the Eco conscious, these shampoo bars are amazing!

8 ~ Reusable Infusion Water Bottles ~ Encourage your coworkers to drink more water while using less plastic bottles and paper cups.

9 ~ Candles ~ Chose a lovely candle to calm and soothe after a long day at work.

We would love to hear in the comments what you are gifting to your secret buddy, coworkers, teacher, and anyone else you want to gift a little something to.

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Holiday Gift Guide 20182018 Ultimate Gift Giving GuideHoliday Gift Guide

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