2019 Ultimate Spiritual Gift Guide

Gifting isn’t just for the holidays although that is when we tend to give the most. To make my life a little more organized, I like to keep lists of gift ideas all year for birthdays and special celebrations so that I’m not scrambling at the last moment to find that perfect gift.

I have found these gifts to be loved when gifted to my spiritual friends. Of course, I have loved receiving many of these as well.

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Gemstone Jewelry

Wearing my gemstones is my favorite way to keep my crystals on me.


Gemstone Bracelets

Genuine Gemstone BraceletGemstone Bracelet


Magical Necklacenecklace


Not only do candles smell good, but many spiritual practitioners like to incorporate them into their everyday lives.

Flower of Life Candle


Gemstones are great to keep around the home and office for their energy and grounding abilities.

Crystal SpheresGemstone Obelisks

Incense and Smudge

Smudging and incense is a great way to clear your home and sacred space of unwanted energies.

Sage & Palo Santo Smudge BundlePassion Incense

Alter Pieces and Ritual Tools

Interesting and genuinely gifted items are perfect additions to an altar.

votive.JPGGreen Aventurine BudhaGenuine Gemstone WandMoney Draw Ritual Kit

Clothing and accessories

Tank tops and t-shirts are a fun way to show off your moon child and zen side.

Copper Bracelets


Singing bowls, drums and rattles are a great addition to any spiritual person’s practice.

Hand DrumSinging Bowl


Writing is an important way to help keep your head clear, discover your goals, and keep memories alive. Beautiful and fun journals are a great way to keep writing interesting.

Essential Oils and Diffusers

Essential oils and diffusers are great for anyone. The numerous benefits make this the ultimate gift.

Books, Oracle Cards, and Tarot Cards

Books along with oracle and tarot cards are great gifts for those who love to give intuitive readings.

Bath and Body

After a long day, soaking in the tub and moisturizing with infused bath products feels divine.

Bath SaltsBody Polish


These have been some of my favorite gifts I have given and have received, therefore; I’m very confident whomever you gift any of these to will absolutely LOVE it.

Reminder – when looking for jewelry, you will want to buy from a reputable seller to buy genuine gemstone jewelry. Essential oils and smudge bundles should come from sellers using renewable resources. We love to continue to heal and help the planet while enjoying its bounty.

We would love to hear in the comments what spiritual and mindful gifts you enjoy to give and receive.

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Ultimate Spiritual Gift GuideUltimate Spiritual Gift GuideUltimate Spiritual Gift Guide

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  • Sinnamon A Sevening

    This is a perfect list! I’m particularly drawn to the Inhaler idea! LOL I usually gift a bottle of EO and a roller ball bottle
    filled with cotton balls! This will be so much “classier”!

    • Kristina @ Spirit of the Soul

      I never thought of the cotton ball in a roller ball idea! The inhaler does work really well!

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