9 New & Improved New Year’s Resolutions for a Great Year

Here we are, quickly approaching the start of a new year. This is the time we reflect upon the prior year…all of our choices, changes, and dreams. This is also the time people chose as the kickoff to the new resolutions, goals, or changes they set for themselves.

I prefer to call all my “resolutions” goals. This is because I don’t look at this as something with a beginning or an end. I continually strive for better.

Already, I am hearing people talk of weight loss goals, looking for love, finding a different job, buying a home.  These are all great goals, but to be honest many of us make the same resolution year after year without taking real action to accomplish it.

This year I challenge you to add a different type of goal or resolution to your list.

These nine ideas will not make you feel bad for losing momentum PLUS you can always pick the resolution again after dropping it.

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.” ~ Melody Beattie

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***Remember to nix self judgement! We all work towards our goals at different speeds and on our own timeline.***

1) Add a Change to Your Wardrobe

Do you typically wear the same colors day after day?

As much as we get into a routine, it can get a little “boring”.

Spice it up!

Adding a little color ~ bright pink! ~ or wearing some fun shoes ~ hey, zebra print! ~ can add just a splash of excitement to your day.

Remember when you look good, you feel great!

2) Weekly Meditation Practice

Meditation seems like it would be easy BUT calming the mind is not so easy. Ease into a meditation practice by setting aside 30 minutes a week to practice.

Create a soothing, safe space surrounded with calming talismans…pillows, blankets, crystals, candles, and anything else you may want to include.

Give a guided meditation a try one week. You will find numerous videos on YouTube and audio files on Podcasts.

A different week, try breath work. This is focused breathing where you pay attention to your breathing and nothing else around you.

A simple practice is to just listen to your body. As you breath in, feel the air enter your nose as it flows into your chest until filling until the chest expands. As you exhale, how does the breath feel as it empties your chest and flows out your mouth? Begin by doing this exercise for ten minutes at a time.

3) Journaling

Find a journal and pen that “speak” to you. When you open your journal to write, you want to feel inspired. I recommend a fun pen to keep the thoughts flowing.

You may choose to free write and see where it takes you…journal prompts are a great place to start when unsure what to write about.

If filling a page with words seems daunting, try bullet journaling. Start with three things you are grateful for each day. You will find yourself building on this in no time.

4) Go Someplace New

This may be a huge trip involving much planning or lazily spending the day at a museum you have not visited before.

Just step out of your comfort zone to try something different.

Go ahead, check out that local art museum by local artists!

5) Try a Different Food

We tend to be creatures of habit eating the same foods consistently.

Try something new!

This doesn’t mean running out to your nearest sushi restaurant and diving into sushi and rice.

Start with a new fruit or vegetable from the market. You may be surprised what you add to your meals going forward.

6) Read About a New Subject

Personally, I love fantasy books featuring werewolves, vampires, fairies, and romance…yet occasionally, I make sure to add in a nonfiction book generally about something historically fascinating to me.

With so many great blogs and articles on the web, you should have no problem finding a quick read if you just have a few minutes to spare at a time.

7) Check Out a Mom and Pop Shop

Target is my go-to store. It’s down the street from my home, and I’m used to the products and store set up.

At least one a month I look at Yelp to find a small business nearby to patronize. My shopping at these small shops helps out the small business owner PLUS expands my line of products I have come to love.

8) Gratitude Jar

How much cooking have you done the past couple weeks? How about all of that gift packaging?

Start by up-cycling a used jar by decorating it with ribbons, tape, trimmed Holiday cards and anything else pretty and meaningful to you. Once you have made your beautiful gratitude jar, place it in a convenient location that you will see daily.

Make it a habit of adding at least ONE thing you are grateful for each week. This may be something as small as being grateful for new shoelaces or as huge as gratitude for finding love.

9) Take a local or online class

Expand your mind and interests. Go to that local yoga studio and check out a class or two. Take that art or basket weaving class you have always wanted to explore.

No local classes that interest you or fit your schedule? No problem! Again, online classes have become an amazing place to learn with tons of interaction between students and teachers.


You may find that adding in something that centers around something other than weight loss or job changes will expand your mind leading to a happier and healthier life naturally.

Go ahead, give one of these a try!

We would love to hear in the comments some of your New Year goals and resolutions!


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  • marjiemare

    Those are excellent ideas. I am going to embrace the gratitude jar. Thanks for sharing and happy and healthy new year

  • Kate Findley (@katefindley)

    Journaling and writing a daily gratitude list have been absolutely essential in helping me to maintain my positive momentum. The sentiments in this post are similar to what I write about in my latest post in that I, too, believe more in goals than resolutions and consistent progress as opposed to “quick fixes.”

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