Find some helpful seasonal self care tips and tricks here to aid in personal growth and personal relaxation. #selfcare #personalgrowth #holistichealth

Guide to Seasonal Self Care

Doesn’t it feel like as soon as Halloween comes around, the next two months fly by? I blink and Thanksgiving is here. I blink again and it’s Christmas!

This year has been extra difficult for our family as my beloved grandma passed away the night before Thanksgiving. It was unexpected and devastating to the entire family.

Suddenly, I had to make an expected trip with my two-year old for the funeral.

Traveling is never fun with a toddler no matter how much I plan in advance. It is even less fun when leaving Los Angeles at 74 degrees and arriving in Omaha at 22 degrees. That is a shock to the system!

Before heading to the airport, I looked in the bathroom mirror and slowly backed away in shock. The stress, lack of sleep, and winter dryness has taken a major toll on my body.

Something needs to be done about this!

I will grieve my grandma. I will get less sleep because my toddler gets winter colds and as is…well…a toddler. But the rest I can work on.

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Find some helpful seasonal self care tips and tricks here to aid in personal growth and personal relaxation. #selfcare #personalgrowth #holistichealthStop Stress Weight Gain

I look at myself and wonder what happened. Where did all this weight come from?

We go to a friend’s home for Halloween, so I don’t buy Halloween candy. Our holidays are spent with a girlfriends family, so I don’t cook or have leftovers to gorge on. Any baking in my family is done by my mom and friends. I’m definitely not at their homes eating their treats all winter.

I’ve cut out much sugar after tax season ended in October. I will now focus on cutting down on carbs and increasing protein. I know I tend to be very carb and starch heavy since I don’t include much meat in my diet. But pasta….yum!

Replenish Dry skin

The first thing we tend to do when seeing dry skin is slather on more lotion. Proper lotion and body butters are awesome and can make us smell amazing.

We forget that hydration starts within. Reduce or remove alcohol from your diet. I’m not much of an alcohol drinker so this is easy for me.

Increase water intake daily. I’m still trying to aim for 8 cups a day. Drinking enough water seems to be a tough one for me.

Humidifiers and diffusers ~ we forget about these and the wonderful moisture they add to the air.

Take Your Multi Vitamins and Vitamin C

If you do not currently take a multi-vitamin, you should look into what would work best for your body and lifestyle. Additional vitamin C is a must have to boost your immune system during the winter months with all the indoor germs being passed back and forth.

Practice Yoga

Yoga, in my opinion in the best form of exercise that allows the rest of the world to melt away. The focus and breath work that yoga requires is a form of meditation in itself.

Visit a local yoga studio for a group class or try a YouTube video at your home.


For those experienced with meditation, you know how difficult it can be. Start by focusing on your breath.

A simple calming meditation is just a breathing exercise that I’ve been doing for years.

Take a breath through your nose. As you inhale slowly and deeply, visualize a cooling sensation moving with the breath up the back of the body from your toes to the top of your head. Pause. Exhale through your mouth slowly while feeling the warmth running down the front of your body in time to your breathe from head to your toes.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

I also highly recommend finding some guided meditations on YouTube or on a podcast.

If you have local meditation classes available to you, take the time to attend one. There is absolutely nothing like it. The breath work, the guiding, being in a safe place… this is worth it’s weight in gold.

Enjoy Nature…Indoors

Yep. I know it’s FREEZING in many places. Get a couple of nice winter plants for your home. Not only do they provide additional oxygen to their environment, but you get the feel of nature while not needing to leave your cozy warm home.

Find some helpful seasonal self care tips and tricks here to aid in personal growth and personal relaxation. #selfcare #personalgrowth #holistichealth

Relax Your Feet and Back

Kick your feet up. Pick up a new book. Read a blog post you haven’t read before. Binge watch that newest Netflix show you have had your eyes on. Point being ~ just relax…

Enjoy a Massage

No time for a full body massage? Get a pedicure and opt for the extra long foot massage. This small act can do wonders for your mood!

Break for Grooming

Take your jagged, dry, chipped nails to your local nail salon. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure!

Need to freshen up your hair? Check out the latest looks and head to your stylist and give a new cut and color a try.

Don’t forget eyebrow shaping and any waxing needs you may have!

Detox with Apple Cider Vinegar

I may one of the few that don’t mind apple cider vinegar (ACV) detox drinks.

To make it a little more palatable, do the following:

  • Heat up a tea-cup off water
  • Add in local procured honey
  • Juice a lemon to add
  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  • Drink while still warm

Use a Dry Brush

Dry brushing is a fabulous way to get circulation going and remove dry flaky skin. This has been shown to reduce cellulite with regular use.

Before bathing or showering while your skin is still dry, take your dry brush and gently brush over your body in upward strokes. You want to brush towards your heart center.

Ways to use your dry brush:

  • Use the brush completely dry
  • Dip brush in apple cider vinegar ~ using this has shown to remove skin bumps and to smooth skin with regular use
  • Run dry brush over a Himalayan salt bar. Brush this across your skin for extra exfoliation ~ Do not rub the Himalayan salt bar directly on your skin as it will cause skin irritation

Re-evaluate Caffeine

Coffee and caffeinated sodas ~ the yummy goodness keeps many busy people awake.

Mmmm, the scent of fresh brewed coffee, that first taste as it revived me after a nights sleep and the wonderful jolt of energy that will follow…

We forget that coffee and caffeinated beverages are stimulants. It gives us energy and perks us up but that can come with a price. If you suffer from anxiety, caffeine is one thing you need to lay off of.

With seasonal depression on the rise, you may choose to switch to another jolt of goodness until spring.

Switch to decaf coffee or caffeine free sodas to get your fix.

Write in Your Journal

One of my all time favorite self-care practices is writing in my journal. I began this practice in 5th grade!

Sometimes just getting your thoughts out will make all the difference in your day

Color for Fun

Find some crayons or colored pencils and get coloring. There are many fabulous adult coloring books available.

Spending just a couple minutes at a time coloring has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you choose to do as your self-care ritual, make it about you. Do your best to shut down the negative self talk and outside chatter. This may mean getting off social media for a day or two to unwind and not worry about FOMO.

When you feel better, you live better.

We would love to hear in the comments some self-care rituals you must have!

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