How are you working on manifesting your dreams and goals? Choose your theme word or word of the year to help guide you. #goals #slay #wordoftheyear #manifest

Word of the Year: Expansion

I hoisted myself off my comfortable chair and lifted my left foot at midnight on New Year’s Eve to ensure I would step into the new year on the right foot. I had expected to look goofy doing this and probably did look a little funny, but my wonderful sidekick friends joined me with lifting their feet, as well.

Subconsciously, I’ve been using a word to define what I am looking forward to or working towards each year since 6th grade. I’m now 40!

“Stand up for yourself by not standing yourself up.” ~ Gina Greenlee, Postcards and Pearls: Life Lessons from Solo Moments on the Road

How boring is life, if we are not striving for something better, something more than what we are right now?

This doesn’t necessarily mean to just make more money, move to a bigger home, or acquire more possessions. Why not strive to be a better you?

The latest buzz word seems to be “word of the year” but many of us have been choosing annual words for a long time ~ way before it became “cool”.

My forever word is “believe”. This has been my theme and has stuck with me for many years.  I have no intention to doing away with “believing” in myself and all the possibilities.

My 2018 word was “Strength”. By living this theme word for twelve months, I was lead to 2019 “Expansion”.

For myself, I break down my annual theme word even further.

As twelve months can be a long time when working towards a goal, I also choose quarterly theme words. During 2019, I start the year with “Focusing” on my goals and manifestations, “Begin” my next journey phase, “Grow” the seeds I’ve been planting throughout the year, and finally to “Breath” and take it all in.

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How did I get to 2019?

A Year of Strength: 2018

Why did I chose “Strength”?

At the end of 2017, I felt like I was drowning emotionally and mentally.

After going through all that it entails to become a single mom by choice, I had a 17 month old toddler.  In my situation, I made the decision to have a child without a partner as I knew I was aging out of the child-bearing years and knew my path was to have a child in this lifetime. Everything is easy in theory but in reality, I have no family within 1500 miles, no outside help, and daycare only during the week.

All of this, on top of an emerging toddler going on the terrible twos, was mind numbing. That’s when a bit of postpartum depression began to take over my life.

Not only did I have a very active 17 month old, but I had started a new and better paying job. Great! Except the company was going through growing pains causing additional stress. Thankfully, those pains are now gone and I’m extremely happy with the company.

Let’s not forget all of the spiritual growth classes I had signed up for and was falling behind on.

Using “Strength” as a theme word helped remind me of the strong independent woman I am.

What can I do about a strong-willed toddler? I accepted it and went with the flow instead of fighting her personality even if this meant having my groceries and household goods delivered because I was terrified of taking her to the store.

I let the firm I was working for go through the growing pains while I continued to grow personally.

Since the spiritual and growth classes are recorded, I was able to watch them and progress at my own pace. You can check out my favorite classes here.

And guess what???

This worked for me!

I got through the classes that called to me and really felt myself shift. Essential oils and crystals were now my everyday useful helpers. Coworkers and friends come to me to listen and learn. Throughout my year of “strength”, I felt my own spiritual and personal shift into clarity, mindfulness, and happiness.

How are you working on manifesting your dreams and goals? Choose your theme word or word of the year to help guide you. #goals #slay #wordoftheyear #manifestMoving Towards Expansion: 2019

As the New Year rolled around, I realized that I didn’t have a new word for the year. 2018 was all about strength.

I spent some time meditating, reading words online, journaling, and contemplating what I desire 2019 to bring to me or for me to bring to 2019.

“Expansion” came to me.

It made perfect sense that expansion would follow all my moments of strength from 2018.

Affirmations are powerful tools when working on manifestations. Therefore, I recite these everyday as reminders and motivators. 

  • I will continue my spiritual and mindfulness growth through classes and consistent work and teaching.
  • I will use essential oils and crystals in more areas of my life.
  • I will post consistently on my blog AND complete my first eBook.
  • I will reduce my debt while increasing my wealth.
  • I will be the best mom to my little girl that I possibly can be.

“I am enough. I am strong. I am expanding.” 

Polarity requires opposites

With all of this positive talk, I need to mention the importance polarity. When working towards manifesting your goals, it is important to keep in mind that the universe likes everything to stay in balance.

To stay in balance and not call in unwanted energy, we must be specific in our desires. So if my 2019 theme word is expansion, I want to specify what contraction, if any, that I’m looking for.

Example of this is… I am organizing, sorting, and disposing of items no longer needed in my home to make room physically and mentally for expansion in other areas of my life. Clutter in one area of my life may cloud out expansion in another area.

I call in expansion. I release loss and contraction.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a theme word is great practice at ANY time. Do not think this is to be done only at the New Year. Just as I have my permanent word, I also have quarterly words and at times, I have incorporated monthly theme words to guide me through whatever I’m struggling with at that time.

Always do what works for you! Growth is a continual and evolving practice with no right or wrong answer.

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What is one way you stay on track with your goals and affirmations?

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