Can you feel the love within yourself even when love isn't clear to you? #love #heart #loveothers #lovelife

Love ~ How do you love?

“The Love Within Me Flows Through Me in Every Situation.”

I read this and immediately think ~ Wow, what a powerful affirmation and mantra!

When we think about love, generally the first or second thing to come to mind is romantic love followed by the love of someone close to us such as our child or parent.

What we tend to forget about is all of the love surrounding us in every area of our lives. We may not always feel it, but it is there to provide comfort.

How do we include this into our lives even when we are not at our best mentally, emotionally, or physically? Even when we aren’t feeling the love, it is there within us.

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Love brings joy and happiness, draws out sadness and despair, causes us to rejoice and show our best selves to the world.

But what about the rest of the time when love is not all-encompassing feeling?

Can you feel the love within yourself even when love isn't clear to you? #love #heart #loveothers #lovelife

Those That We Love to Love

Quick! What is the first person, thing, idea that comes to mind when you hear the word LOVE?

Life Partner ~ At the top of most lists is what I prefer to call call the life partner.

A life partner to most people is their person. This is the one main person they dedicate their days and nights to. The partner they love to love… and to annoy. Who do you turn to when you have major decisions to make or great news to share?

Most people will agree that their life partner is also their romantic partner…spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, significant other, or any other word you chose to use in your love space. Others consider there life partner to be their best friend rather than a romantic partner.

Who do you consider your life partner?

Family, Children, and Pets ~ We love our family. We may not always agree with them or even always get along, but we feel that connection so many feel is love.

Family may be that in which we are born into, adopted into, or choose for ourselves. When you find that friend with whom you connect on a higher level and that means the world to you, that friend has become your family too.

The love for our children. I, for one, never knew I could feel the love like that in which I feel for my daughter. She challenges me in ways that make me a stronger better person and love her even more for all she is is and does.

To many, their pet is their family. That special animal brings us so much joy and comfort while providing much-needed companionship.

Your Life’s Work ~ Let’s be clear…this is not your job or career UNLESS it truly feeds your soul.

What I am talking about here is that purpose for which you were put on this Earth. You will know what your life work is as you will feel your passion for it to your very core and soul. This can be something in which you earn money but not always. What about a cause you are passionate about? Do you love to teach, guide, and enlighten others?

Once you open your heart and mind to the possibilities, your life’s work and purpose will come to you. What makes you feel complete?

“Find a purpose to serve, not a lifestyle to live.”~ Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

Those Instances that WOW Us!

Moments That WOW ~ That outfit looks amazing on you! This car is soooo fun to drive! I just found my dream home! Eek, I just spotted my favorite celebrity in person!

Some of the most rewarding feelings are those that amaze and excite us. Those feelings certainly may translate to a version of love.

Moments of Ahha! ~ Did you just figure something out after struggling to find an answer? Become enlightened to something, someone, or some situation?

Those moments of ahha! can release adrenaline leading to the feeling of love.

Those Moments When We Need the Most to Remember the Love Deep Inside of Us

Losing a loved one ~ Lose of a loved is one of the toughest experiences we can emotionally experience. Our love flows out of us while we feel the sadness and emptiness left behind by that lose.

During these emotional and difficult times, take a moment for self-love and to express love to those you may have pushed away through your grief. It is through giving and receiving love that we make it through the most difficult times.

Hold space for those who are grieving and allow them the time they need to heal enough to return to you.

Losing a beloved possession or job ~ It is in our very human nature to become attached to a home, car, jewelry, or any other possession. Losing anything to a financial difficulty, natural disaster, or theft can feel devastating at that time. Much of the devastation is feeling that control has been striped from us. Where do we turn? How do we start to rebuild that part of our life?

We may not always enjoy our job, but to have it taken from us is overwhelming. We worry about how we will pay our bills but even more is the loss of feeling in control of that area of our life.

Feel the sad and angry emotions and then release them to the universe. The sadness will only serve to overwhelm you and make rebuilding much more difficult and time-consuming.

Take some time, even when you are feeling down and depressed, to remember the good and love. Let your love flow through you to calm and comfort yourself and those around you.

When our loved ones are not at their best ~ I’m sure you have had that friend or relative say something considered inappropriate. How about when the toddler is having a tantrum?

These are the times when we need to stop, take a breath, and remember the love within that will now flow out. Try to understand that relative. You may still feel upset, but also allow yourself to feel the love. Be the person to turn the situation from stressful to a positive by tuning into the feelings and then release them.

As that child who is having that tantrum reaches your last nerve, take a moment to pause, breath, and remember they are still learning the world around them. This world can be big, scary, and overwhelming. Remember the love you have and breathe that love into your soothing presence to calm that precious child.

Final Thoughts

The word Love is possibly one of the most complex words in the English language as it doesn’t embody the depth of feelings we truly have for another being, situation, or thing.

May it be romantic love, love for a person, object or situation, let the feeling of love flow freely from you in your actions and reactions. You may surprise yourself how you can be that light in someones day.

We would love to hear how you bring loving positive energy to your day in the comments below?

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