26 Daily Affirmations to Inspire and Motivate

In my 40+ years on this planet I have seen a profound shift in balance, attitude, and motivation. I attribute much of this shift to individual’s internal clarity along with a greater number of humans working towards and for the betterment of society. Many call this “raising the vibe” or “sending positive thoughts” out to the world around them.

Once of simplest ways to begin your internal growth is with daily affirmations such as my favorite “I am enough”.

Start your day off with grace and peace while repeating an affirmation that calls to you. As you take moments throughout your day to just breath, repeat your affirmations again. The more you believe in yourself and your own growth, the more you will make a profound and positive change in the world around you.

~ I am enough

~ What I love about myself is my ability to _______________

~ I am worthy of love

~ I carry strength, courage, and resilience within me

~ I give myself space to grow and learn

~ I have the ability to overcome any challenge life gives me

~ Abundance and love flow from me

~ I listen to my intuition and trust my inner guide

~ I accept my emotions and let them serve their purpose

~ I am surrounded in the loving energy of the Universe

~ I allow myself to be who I am without judgment

~ I am worthy of infinite and unending compassion

~ My life is a celebration of my accomplishments

~ Love rises from my heart in the face of difficulty

~ The love within me flows through me in every situation

~ My body is a beautiful expression of my individuality

~ I am authentic, true, and expressive

~ Love brings me youthfulness, energy, and rejuvenates me

~ I honor and respect my limitations and thank myself for the capabilities I do have

~ My life is founded on respect for myself and others

~ I am confident in my individuality

~ I am love, compassion, and empathy

~ I am learning valuable lessons from myself every day

~ I am good at helping others to ___________

~ I am at peace with who I am as a person

~ I am exactly who I need to be in this moment

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***The life, learning, and longings of a bored accountant.*** Welcome to my website! I have been a business management accountant in the entertainment industry for many years. During my spare time, I continue my learning of spiritual and metaphysical interests such as crystals, gemstones, and spirituality. Just a couple of years ago, I decided to become a single mommy by choice. Now I write about balancing everything while sharing my life lessons, teachings, and all of my longings. Enjoy my blog, my beautiful friends!


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