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Be the Light: A Challenge

Not only do I see it while browsing social media, but while overhearing conversations around me and listening to television or radio.

What is “it“?

It” is all of the negative, terrible, scary things going on in the world today.

Now, I freely admit that I have shared in some of the negative happenings on social media and in real life. The influx of negative, sad, devastating news becomes overwhelming, yet you want your opinion known.

Recently, I have taken a step back from interacting with the overwhelming negativity tossed my direction. I’m not resharing on social media as well as attempting to move conversations into more positive grounds when possible.

Choosing to shine my light, does not make the world’s problems disappear but it does allow me to live my better life and to hopefully shine enough to change someone else’s day for the better.

We need to take one more step after shining our light.

Start a ripple effect.

What is a ripple effect?

Perform an act of kindness and generosity for someone expecting nothing in return. You never know when that very act may change a person’s moment, day, year, or life. As they continue on, we hope that they perform acts of kindness and generosity. These kindnesses overtime will provide a ripple effect of positivity and hope.

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Take a look at some ways that these women have changed someone’s day, if not their own life.

High School

There was this guy in high school. I didn’t know I was a light for him until 6 years after.

He found me on Facebook and told me that sophomore and junior year,, I was always there for him.

He said i would ask him how he was doing and I would help him study.

What i didn’t know is he was being abused and he was depressed and addicted to alcohol and would drink about 2 5ths of dark liquor throughout the school day.

But apparently my kindness to him was one of the things that got him through and i did not know how much I meant to him. It was just my nature. But to him, I was a light

Timisha M. Johnson blogger at https://mishspeakstruth.com

Kids’ Safety

I strongly feel that every kid needs safety and security and when I see some kid in need, I would definitely jump out of my comfort zone to do the best I could.

I have a similar experience at a very busy festival in one of the Emirates in UAE. I saw a sad kid stranded in one of the corners of the festival area, near the big play zone. I smelled something fishy. Maybe being a mother made my 6th sense work very efficiently. I was with my kid and husband and I knew this kid needed some help. It was cold and the kid apparently got separated from her parents.

As I approached her, she cried out. I asked her where her parents were but she didn’t understand English. I asked her to tell me the parents phone number by showing her mobile phone but still no response. I asked my husband to look for a police officer and maybe then she would respond. Within these 5 minutes, my heart thumped like a zillion times imagining her and her parents’ mental situation at that hour. This could be my own child too. I offered her a packed juice and chips to comfort her and luckily the parents came looking back for their lost kid.

They were locals and the nanny unknowingly left the hand of one kid and didn’t notice in the rush. We were glad we looked after the sobbing kid for a few minutes. This could be the crucial few minutes when the kid could have gone outside, she could have met someone unsafe. But, luck has our hand.

Only the father of the child spoke in English and all he said was thank you, with tears in his eyes. Her mother was inconsolable just as any mother would have been.

I felt like I did something that everyone should do and being a parent myself, I had chills all this time. This could be my own kid too. I know it’s never a parent’s fault but being bit cautious these situations can be avoided.

I am not a superhero, neither I want to prove anything. I just did what any person with a good heart would have done.

All in all, the kid and parents reunited and a nasty situation was prevented.

~Written by Author Deepa Jaisingh who has written 200+ articles in three countries on parenting, lifestyle, and Travel. Blog is www.momislearning.com

Taking that Extra Step

I have two instances in which I believe I made a difference in someone’s life. At the time, these felt like small acts but still stand out in my mind as something bigger.

One day, I took my two year-old to the shopping center near our home to ride the little train.

Around and around she rode multiple times.

As I watched her, a very pregnant woman and her young son also watched the train circling. They wore what would amount to rags for their clothing was old and mended several times. It was easy to overlook their clothing. It was their facial expressions and posture that told me these two life a hard life.

Silently I walked over and handed the little boy an extra ticket I had for that train.

After his train ride, he and his mom walked away a little lighter. One ticket may not have changed their situation, but it made their day just a little brighter for a few minutes. 

I spend plenty of time at the post office mailing packages. This being the Los Angeles area, many of the counter postal workers have been replaced with self metering machines. Needless to say, I’ve gotten pretty proficient with those machines over the past couple of years. 

This particular Saturday morning, I arrived with my two year-old in tow along with a couple of packages. I walked into the post office, noticed two people in line, one older woman at the metering machines, one postal worker working, and another sitting in a chair playing with his phone.

The lady at the metering machines walked over to the postal workers and requested they help her. Apparently she had asked before and they told her to just figure it out…as heard by the two young people still standing in line. Not only that, the postal worker had told her she had to use the machine rather than come to the window. Ummm, not true.

The postal worker rolled his eyes and walked away.  That older lady started sobbing  as she just got more and more confused with the machine. 

I get it.

The first couple of times I used those machines, it took me quite a long time trying to figure out what it was asking.

So, I just walked over to her and helped.

NO. BIG. DEAL. Right?

As she was leaving, she kept hugging me telling her how much my help meant and they nobody seems willing to help in little ways anymore.

Through out all of this, my two year-old was quietly pulling the greeting cards for sale out of their spots and placing them all over. This is the only time I ever just smiled and left those cards all a big mess. 

Now it is your turn.

Go out this week and see where your light is needed.

Let us all work together to create that ripple effect that this world so badly needs.

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