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The life, learning, and longings of an entertainment accountant.


What happens when an accountant chooses to follow a lifelong dream? You get this beautiful space! I share parenting antidotes, fiance tips, interesting tidbits on crystals, essential oils, spirituality, and how to grab life and be the boss girl that I am. Enjoy the ride with me!

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Welcome to my website! I have been a business management accountant in the entertainment industry for several years. During my spare time, I’ve continued my education of spiritual and the metaphysical such as crystals, essential oils, and spirituality. Just a couple of years ago, I decided to become a single mommy by choice. Now I write about balancing a career and being a single parent while sharing my life lessons, teachings, and all of my longings. Enjoy my blog, my beautiful friends!

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There will be days in which we need to make our own sunshine.

~Kristina Pedersen

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